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    #designdreaming – the bathroom plans

    May 9, 2017

    I’m just itching to get my bathroom remodeled, but the main reason that it’s even an option to remodel is due to some flooring issues that we’re having, which adds some complications & extra expenses to the project. So I’m (im)patiently waiting for the project to come along. But that doesn’t mean I can’t go ahead & plan everything!

    Since I don’t own the house, I’ve got a few rules to play by:

    • No painting the trim (80’s oak, the frame in the moodboard is a color reference)
    • No changes to the vanity (including the fun cultured marble countertop that’s just a liiiiiittle too beige to be considered modern)
    • No floorplan changes (which means no bathtub)
    • Nothing too crazy in comparison to the rest of the 30 year old house

    All in all, I want to keep the room relatively simple with a focus on texture/pattern versus color.


    The Moodboard


    I’m planning to go for a pale grey on the walls (Basalt Powder by HGTV + Sherwin Williams, it’s the swatch in the middle) that pulls out the grey veining in the counter without being so white that it makes the counter look yellow & dingy. A nice medium grey grout will accent the shapes of the tiles, without being overly graphic like a dark grout, which could potentially get overwhelming in this smallish space. Also, it ties in to the carpet color in the bedroom. Throw in some patina’d metals & we’re golden!


    The Large Elements

    Now for the details!

    1 – I love (love love love) subway tile. It’s a classic for a reason! I’ve found that I like the white of the basic subway tile from Lowes the best with the other colors I’ve got going on. Throw a bunch of whites together & things can get messy real quick, ya’ll. This is going to go on the shower walls.

    2 – I also adore (& obsessively photograph when I come across) hexagon tiles. My plan is to go with the classic 1″ and I’m hoping to go on a little field trip to Floor & Decor to pick it up! (Follow me on instagram for the behind the scenes stories as they unfold!) I’d like this to be the flooring for the shower & the rest of the bathroom. The large amount of grout lines make this a great option for places that get slippery, like bathrooms & mudrooms.

    3 – To keep with the texture vibe & add a touch of interest to the walls, I’m planning to do a wood wall treatment that’s similar to a horizontal wainscoting or maybe faux board & batten. This photo from Pizitz Home and Cottage is a good example of the look that I’m going for though. The DIY will definitely be documented when the time comes!

    4 – I picked up this shower curtain from Target for the bathroom; the nod to mudcloth & the subtle pattern it brings is so good! I’ve resisted all the faux mudcloth pillows at Target in favor of eventually buying vintage fabric from a small business, but there’s no way I’d buy enough mudcloth to cover the yardage required for a shower curtain & then… use it as a shower curtain. #morepillowsplease — I am admittedly confused by the name of the shower curtain on Target’s website & the description (shapes sour cream? weird grammatical errors? Target are you ok?). I did have some other close runner ups though, like this white with geometric gold foil one, the mint moon phase one from the pillowfort line, and the painterly flamingos which are also pillowfort. I fully support adding touches of whimsy to rooms, which is why the two shower curtains from the pillowfort line are some of my favorites!


    I’ll be back soon with some renderings of the layout!


    xoxo – Jessica